Since FW version 2.35, visitors can now see the receptionist they’re calling directly on the display of 2N® IP Style. It is ideal for receptions and remotely managed info/SOS points; it’s also a great feature for the hearing impaired as they can communicate using sign language. Please note that the person on the other side of the call must have a compatible device with camera: 2N® IP Phone D7A or another 2N® IP Style are good options.


The configuration of bi-directional video is very simple, you just need to log in to 2N® IP Style's web interface and navigate to Services>Phone>Video>Bidirectional video where you just need to Enable Incoming Video as seen below:

Additional settings include the option to change Incoming Video's Aspect Ratio which can increase the size of incoming video on 2N® IP Style's screen. The last option here is to Display Outgoing Video which can help visitors stand in the right place so that the receptionist can see them correctly.

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