A door sensor can provide you information about the state of the door and provide some actions in particular situations, such as announcing an audio message when the door has been opened too long, also sending an email, call and more. Same can be configured in case of an unauthorized door opened.


A door sensor can be connected to all 2N IP intercoms with the exception of IP Uni, to an input contact (Input1, Input2, Ext.In1, ...).


Connection of a door sensor:

First of all it is needed to connect the door sensor to the input of the 2N IP Intercom or 2N Access Unit.

For more information, refer to the section Requirements below.


How to assign and how to process the information from the door sensor:



Automation (GOLD license required):

There are three event blocks in the automation related to the Door sensor. DoorOpened, DoorOpenedTooLong, UnauthorizedDoorOpened


Some automation examples:


For 2N® IP/LTE Verso - an input is simply in the PCB. No special requirements. Additional inputs are available.