This FAQ describes how to make calls between Axis Door Station and 2N® Indoor Talk

In the following example the static IP address is assigned to Axis door station and 2N® Indoor Talk. Please note that static address assignment or dynamic address with MAC address lock is required to ensure the functionality otherwise the DHCP server may assign different IP address to each device after some time which cause that the devices wont be reachable.


2N® Indoor Talk configuration

It is necessary to assign the IP address of Axis Door Station. This can be done in the section Hardware->Buttons. Axis Door Station has IP address in this example.


Figure 1: Indoor Talk setting

Axis door station configuration

Firstly you need to create account which will be used on Axis Door station for connection to 2N® Indoor Talk. By clicking on ADD button you will be able to create a new account. You need to enable the account and define parameters shown in the figure (2) below. In this example 2N® Indoor Talk has IP address

Figure 2: Account settings


Second step is to configure DTMF settings to be able to open doors on the Axis Door Station. This can be done in the section VoIP->DTMF settings. Select newly created account (in this example Indoor Talk (600)) and click on the edit button.

Figure 3: DTMF settings

The last step is to assign the account under the button. This can be achieved in the section Events->Action rules->add.

Figure  5: Action rule setup