2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 looks exactly the same as older model 2N® Indoor Touch. However there are changes regarding to the performance and some other features. In this FAQ we will explain the changes and describe new features.

  • Hardware parameters:
    • 4 core CPU
    • 2 GB RAM
  • 3rd party app license included by default

91378375 - 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 Black

91378375WH - 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 White

91378376 - 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi black

91378376WH - 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi white


2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 has facelifted launcher. New home screen looks differently in comparison with the older model and it is more intuitive. There are 5 positions for the applications ( you can adjust the layout and application in the setting -> Home screen). The default applications on the home screen are:

You can also notice that on the left corner there is Settings menu (1) and on the right one there is icon which tells you if you are connected via the WiFi or via the Ethernet (2) and About menu (3) where you can get information about the current firmware version. Time and weather can be adjusted in the settings.


Figure 1: New launcher (left), old launcher (right)


Settings can be shown in two modes and is divided into the sections (device, personal, system). Modes are:

Settings include the following sections:


Figure 2: New settings (left), old settings (right)

2N®  IP Mobile application

You can enter 2N®  IP Mobile by clicking on the Intercom icon. 

Figure 3: 2N®  IP Mobile application

Application user interface and logic is the same like in older model of 2N® Indoor Touch. However MY2N Mobile video section has been moved to the Proxy configuration section in the settings. Settings has been adjusted and it is the same as described above.


Figure 4: New 2N®  IP Mobile (left), old 2N®  IP Mobile (right)


Figure 5: New 2N®  IP Mobile settings (left), old 2N®  IP Mobile settings (right)

Web interface

You can access the unit remotely by using web configuration interface. You will be asked for the change of the password during the first connection via the web browser. Default password is: 2n.


Figure 6: New web interface (left), old web interface (right)


Home screen of the web interface shows you all important information regarding to the device. There are three main sections:

There is a menu on the left side, where you can adjust the setting of each parameter of the unit and also the settings of 2N®  IP Mobile application.



Firmware version: 4.0.x

2N®  IP Mobile version: 4.4.4