You do have a two options how you can make a factory reset for 2N® Indoor Talk

Software reset: In the web configuration interface in the Menu System-Maintenance - Reset Configuration do Default state and press and confirm a Reset Configuration.


The default state reset deletes the licence key if any. Hence, we recommend you to copy it to another storage for later use.

HW reset:
  1. Press the RESET button.
  2. Wait until the red and green LEDs on the device come on simultaneously (approx. 20 s).
  3. Wait until the red LED goes off (approx. 5 s).
  4. Wait until the green LED goes off and the red LED comes on again (approx. 5 s).
  5. Wait until the red LED goes off (another 5 s).
  6. Release the RESET button.

     LEDs are visible in the hole next to RESET button.