How to find out the IP address with 2N® IP Network Scanner

If you need to find out the IP address of your 2N IP Intercoms you can use our freeware software 2N® IP Network Scanner.
You can download it using this link: Network Scanner

If 2N® IP Network Scanner cannot find any 2N IP Intercom then please check if your 2N IP Intercom is fully booted up and has an access to your network. 2N® IP Network Scanner can even find units which have static IP address from different IP address pool then your network is using. You can also change the IP address using the 2N® IP Network Scanner, just click on the 2N IP Intercom with your right-mouse button and use the Config option.

How to find out the IP address without 2N® IP Network Scanner

You can also get IP address from 2N IP Intercom when you press specific quick dial button on the unit. Take the following steps to retrieve the 2N IP Intercom address:

  • If you hear that the address is, it means that the intercom has not obtained the IP address from the DHCP server. (DHCP server is not available, not present in network or does not have any free IP address to assign)
  • 2N IP Intercom will read its IP address via its inbuilt speakers.

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