• this procedure requires working Internet connection on the computer (virtual machine) the Access Commander is running on
  • it is not possible to downgrade the Access Commander from the current version to older




Before next steps please always make a system backup via SAMBA or whole virtual machine backup as described below:


Find the right steps for your current version


If your current Access Commander version is 1.10.0 and higher







During preparation of necessary components to update the system you will loose the access to the system.

Please be patient and wait few minutes till the update process starts.





If your current Access Commander version is 1.9.1

It is not possible to upgrade the version 1.9.1 to the version 1.10.0 via online upgrade process due to the transition from Linux Debian version 7 to version 9.

Please follow this offline procedure (import of the database to a fresh new Access Commander 1.10.0) to uprade the system to the version 1.10.0.

Software Upgrade from Access Commander 1.9.1 to Access Commander 1.10



If your current Access Commander version is 1.9.0 and older

It is possible to upgrade the Access Commander only up to the version 1.9.1 via the online procedure.

When you are on the version 1.9.1 successfully, you can proceed the procedures above to go to the version 1.10.0 and after that to the latest one sequentialy.