2N® Access Commander can be integrated with Active Directory through LDAP protocol in order to download users from active directory to 2N® Access Commander.

For this feature, license is required - license order code is: 91379042 2N® Access Commander - Integration License.

Step by step guide:

  1. Login to your installation of 2N® Access Commander.

  2. Make sure you have proper license installed.

  3. Navigate to section Companies and edit Company you wish to synchronise with Active Directory.

  4. In company details, navigate to section LDAP and create LDAP connection

  5. Click on Server name and fill in required connection details and credentials.
    Refer please to the user guide (https://wiki.2n.cz/acc/latest/en) for detailed information about each parameter.

    In our example, we connect to following Active Directory:

    Located on IP address
    Domain is stark.cz.

    Users are in schema users.

    Connection to server is unsecured (no SSL).

    Please see  how should look such configuration on image below:


  6. Once you fill in correct values for your Active Directory,press Synchronise button to download users from Active Directory to 2N® Access Commander.

  7. You can find imported users from Active Directory in 2N® Access Commander's section Users already associated with Company you configured LDAP connection for.

  8. In order to keep your users from Active Directory automatically synchronized, please setup in 2N® Access Commander  "Scheduled synchronisation time" parameter.