Fibaro is the home automation system. We will focus on how to connect it with 2N® Helios IP device. We will be able to see video, manage calls and open the door via this system. This whole configuration can be done via web browser and web configuration interface running in both of these devices. Before we start configuration we need to have Helios Gold plugin installed to the Fibaro application. In our case we have Helios Gold in version 1.0 and we are connecting with 2N® Helios IP device with firmware version 2.11. Enhanced integration license for 2N® Helios IP will be needed. Fibaro System can be controlled by the application installed on the Smartphone. Fibaro supports phones with operating system iOS or Android. This scenario was tested on the mobile phone iPhone 4. There is no Helios Gold plugin in Fibaro HC2 application in version 1.5.2 on Android so far.


As the first step go to Plugins section, choose Helios Gold and click on the Add button that you can see in the picture above. We should be able to see screen like picture below. We can put there name of this device and assign it to room where it belongs.

Now we have our new device named. As the next step we need to go to tab Advanced. There is more specific settings of the new 2N® Helios IP device. We can set up IP address of the device manually or click on the Search button and we should be able to see all 2N® Helios IP devices connected to our local network. Next step is to fulfill device login parameters (as picture below).

Please save all this configuration we done by pressing the Save button in the right edge at this time (Picture below). And now we should be able to see video if we go back to the tab General

In case we are not able to see the video and operate with the Switches we need to configure 2N® Helios IP unit. Please go to the section Services / HTTP API and set the parameters according to picture below. We need to set parameters Connection type to Unsecure and Authentification to None in the rows Switch API and Camera API. This configuration caused that we are able to see video now as in picture above.

Because Fibaro has implemented its own SIP proxy server we can easily provide calls. But we must configure the SIP client first. We can find VoIP setting in the Panels section in the tab VoIP Panel. We should see there automatically generated accounts for devices and users that we´ve already added.


By selecting one of these account you can see its details. We can find here the most important parameter the VoIP number (picture below).

This number will be used for as the login number to SIP proxy in 2N® Helios IP. Concrete settings we can see in the picture below.

The last part is to download and install Fibaro HC2 application on our mobile and connect it to the Fibaro system. At the end we use VoIP number to particular user in 2N® Helios IP and now we should be able to call from 2N® Helios IP via Fibaro to our mobile phone. Example of this user setting you can find in the picture below.