In this FAQ you can find out what is important to set for the right cooperation in between a Cisco Jabber and 2N® Helios IP. 

The fw version of the Helios IP is 2.10.0 and the setting is possible for the HIP Verso, Vario nad Force

For the right function both devices have to be on public IP addresses

Requirements for 2N® Helios IP Settings

1) Fill your Cisco Jabber account to the Phone Number.

2) Switch SIP Transport Protocol to TCP

3) Set only one audio codec - PCMU

4) Set only one video codec - H.264 and set H.264 Payload Type (1) to 126, H.264 Payload Type (2) to 0.

5) Enable Legacy Switch Code

Requirements for Phone Settings

1) For the incoming calls is not any special setting required

2) For an outgoing calls to the HIP Type "sip:IP_Address_of_2N®_Helios_IP" to call to 2N® Helios IP.

It is not possible to transmit DTMF sign * so only the first code at the switch is available.