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This FAQ describes how to integrate our access control with the "Simons Voss SmartIntego" wireless door locks together with the AXIS A1001 Controller.




The basic requirement is that the "Simons Voss SmartIntego" wireless locks and the "Simons Voss Gateway Node" are configured.
This means that the locks must first be programmed in the "Simons Voss Gateway Node".
This is done using the Simons Voss software.



  1. A .csv file with the complete configuration must be exported from the Simons Gateway Node, which is then used for the AXIS controller.

  2. It will import this .csv file into the Axis A1001 Controller and the controller will then be configured and set up. This is actually explained very well in the AXIS video:    ( )

    After that, the system is set up so far that the doors can be opened as a test via the AXIS A1001 Door Controller.
    We don't create times or users or anything else in the AXIS Controller... > this is all done in 2N Access Commander or in the 2N access device.
    The users and authorizations are all managed via 2N.

  3. Now it's time for the integration into 2N and the interaction of 2N with the AXIS controller.
    The tokens for the lock must first be read from the AXIS controller for each wireless lock.

    This can be done with the following http command in the browser.
    This command is sent to the IP address of the AXIS Door Controller A1001 and returns us the door tokens:

    Then we need the door tokens to send the http commands (API commands) from 2N to the AXIS Door Controller to open the corresponding door.

  4. Now the users and access authorizations are created in 2N Access Commander or directly in a 2N device, just as you normally do for other locks.
    From the 2N Access Unit mounted on the door or 2N Intercom with access module, after successful authentication of the user and their authorization,
    just one http command is sent to the AXIS A1001 Controller, which then opens the corresponding wireless lock via the Simons Voss Gateway Node.

    The API commands sent from 2N to the AXIS Controller to open the lock are as follows:

    - this command opens the door for a short time (impulse)

    - opens the door permanently

    - closes the door permanently

  5. That was actually and works perfectly…


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