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Configuration of 2N IP Intercom

Wiegand Module configuration

We set all bit lengths on 32bits, you can change this, as you also can adapt this in the A1001. For the HID iClass card we change all settings to 26 bits (also on A1001), but it reads the CSN/UID of the iClass card not the card number

Card reader configuration

The display can be used to enter a pin code for acces control, but this works only internally, it will not send a Wiegand number and cannot be used with A1001

A1001 configuration


At this test one reader is connected to Reader(bus)1 as a Wiegand reader.

Connection A1001

Reader was connected on Reader(bus)1, the typical (further) give an idea how to connect it on Reader(bus)1. At this test the reader was connected to Reader(bus)1 as a Wiegand reader

Configure Cards and formats A1001

No changes made, as this reader sends out all kind of Wiegand formats, you can use the standard(s):


Reader compatibility

See list in “2N_IP_Verso_Wiegand_Module_9155037-Cards-ReaderFunction”
General we can say that this is only compatible with our readers when using Mifare Classic
cards . The HID iClass reader can be used in combination when using Mifare DESFire EV1
Cards. All cards are being read as CSN/UID*. Note that the reader can’t read the
programmed iClass card numbers, but also only CSN/UID.
Each smart card contains an integrated chip with a unique permanent identification (UID) number burned-in
during the manufacturing process. This UID is often referred to as the Card Serial Number (CSN). The card serial
number is not encrypted and any reader that is ISO compliant can read the card serial number.

Reader behaviour


The 2N Intercom is not made for really connecting to other acces control systems. So that is why, if you work with it with the Wiegand module the reader only beeps. No lights, to solve this you must do three things (only for using the green LED):

  1. Wiring between output A1001 and input of the 2N intercom:
  2. Program action rule in A1001 
  3. Program automation rule in 2N intercom

Wiring between output A1001 and input of the 2N intercom

Program action rule in A1001

Set first auxiliary output

Then set the action rule

The time you use, should be equal to the time the door is being opened, standard is 7s in the A1001.

Program automation rule in 2N Intercom


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