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This FAQ describes the difference between sites and companies in your My2N account. Once you create your My2N account, the company and site is created by default. However you can create other sites within your company and you can also create other companies. If you have more companies you can easily switch between them. 

Figure 1


  • Company contains sites
  • Several companies can be created under your account
  • Billing info is defined on the company - only one billing address can be defined per company.
  • Admin of the company can see all sites and it's devices.


Company can be created in the upper right menu by using button "Create Company". If you have more companies under your account, you can switch between companies in the same menu.


Figure 2


You can add other admins to your company in section Company admins. Newly added admin will receive email notification. If the user is not registered in My2N yet, the email contains password and account needs to be verified first by clicking on link provided in the email.



  • Site contains devices and users
  • Can be created within specific company
  • Each site has a different My2N ID.
  • Newly created site has to be enabled by 30 days trial activation.
  • Calls between devices can be done only within the specific site. You cannot make calls between the sites or between the companies.



Site can be created by clicking on the button "New sites"

Figure 3


You can see list of all sites within the specific company by clicking on "List of Sites".



Figure 4

General recommendation


The general recommendation for the integrators is to keep only one company and create a new site for each new installation. There are exceptions, when you need to create a new company instead of a new site:

  1. Different billing info (invoice address) is needed for a new installation – billing info is defined per company
  2. You need to assign an administrator with privileges only for one installation (you don’t want him to get access to all your sites)