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2N® IP Intercoms can be equipped with an external Quick Dial Button, for example if you have barrier-free entrance but your 2N® IP Intercom is installed too high for handicapped person you can install a second dial button, lower to the ground, so the person can reach it. Or install foot-activated switch if you are frequently receiving lots of big packages and the courier doesn't have a free hands.


  • 2N® IP Intercom with firmware 2.28 and later
  • Enhanced Integration or Gold license in your 2N® IP Intercom
  • External switch



Install an external switch:

  • to be able to operate correctly you need to install the switch to 2N® IP Intercom Input 1. (please see example for 2N® IP Verso)


Setup 2N® IP Intercom:

  • set the 2N® IP Intercom to Manual Pickup if want to answer the calls via external button, otherwise leave it Automatic or Always Busy (depending on your preferences)
  • create a user who you want to call


Set an automation to mimic the functions of the Quick Dial Button and assign the user:

You can download the automation here: Quick Dial


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