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2N IP Intercoms can be integrated with thermal IP camera to enhance overall security of access system.

Such system can for example block an access to door if IP camera system trigger an alarm based on certain detected temperature above set limit.


  • IP  intercoms / Access Units with firmware 2.28 and later
  • Enhanced Integration or Gold license in your 2N device (Access Units come with Gold license from factory)
  • Thermal IP camera with alarm trigger feature and output. 
  • Thermal IP camera needs to be certificated to measure body temperature.


Scenario is designed for camera to watch certain area in front of 2N IP Intercom and in case temperature exceed certain limit, it will trigger camera's alarm output which is connected to 2N IP Intercom Input 1. Once this happens, 2N IP Intercom will prohibit an access to door even for authorized user.



Install and direct Thermal IP camera to see area in following way:

  • to be able to see person coming to 2N IP Intercom before that person can authenticate
  • to be able to see person standing right at 2N IP Intercom all the time
  • to be able to ignore person not coming or standing near 2N IP Intercom
  • (Optional) you can select specific area for thermal alarm in camera software in case thermal IP camera see too much of surrounding area


Connect thermal IP camera's output 1  to 2N IP Intercom Input 1 (please see example for 2N® IP Verso)


Setup thermal IP camera to:

  • which area it should watch
  • temperature level it should trigger an alarm
  • which output should be triggered when alarm happens (OUT1)

QR code readers


You could also use a QR code reader instead of the camera to trigger the intercom's input or send an HTTP request to it. Please note that most of our devices only have 1 input, more inputs can be added via extending modules.


Access 2N IP Intercom configuration using your web browser and configure 2N IP Intercom to not allow access by inbuilt mechanism, because we will control it using an automation feature and access will be based on information we receive from thermal camera.

Disable Switch 1 in Hardware - Switches - Switch 1 section of 2N IP Intercom configuration


Enable Switch 2 in Hardware - Switches - Switch 2 section of 2N IP Intercom configuration and set it to trigger output connected to strike (lock).


Please set parameter Door Lock to value not used in section Door - Door.


Set an automation to prevent opening door if scanning device shorts the circuit connected from its OUT1  to input1 in 2N IP Intercom

Above automation will open lock for authenticated user only if thermal IP camera cleared the circuit.


Automation works for any kind of authorization (credentials) used by user including PIN, RFID, Bluetooth or Finger Print.

Please make sure person cannot authorize before thermal IP camera completes its scan.

If you are going to use PIN codes, do no use codes assigned directly to Switch 2 in Hardware - Switch or on user details. On user details please only use PIN code instead of code assigned to switch. Otherwise those codes will bypass an automation and will open always.



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