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In the 2N® Mobile video application version 1.5.3+ (Android) and 1.5.0+ (iOS), the snapshots are stored only when the video stream is received and showed by the device. Once the video has been received, the snapshot has been saved into the call log. Several snapshots are saved into the call log during the call. The number of snapshots is related to the length of the call. Snapshot is taken every 3 seconds. The final amount of the snapshots is 11(10 latest snapshots + the first snapshot + optionaly the snapshots taken by the user).  You can browse between the snapshots by swiping between the snapshots to the right  or to the left side.

Each mobile platform (iOS / Android) has a different approach how to process incoming calls, which has a different impact to when the snapshot is stored in the call log of the 2N ®  Mobile video application

iOS platform

Apple Call kit mode

The apple call kit is used by default. This virtual interface is used for the proper communication between internal iOS functions and  3rd party applications. You are not able to see the video preview while the screen is locked or the app is running on the background using apple call kit. The video preview function is not implemented by the apple in their interface. Snapshots will be saved into the call log. 

Notification mode

If the notification mode is enabled, the incoming calls are represented by a classical phone notification. To be able to see a video preview and receive the video stream , snapshots are saved in call log.


Android platform

Android platform can open the application during the incoming call which means that the video is received and once the video is received the snapshots are stored in the call log.

Android 8 and lower – the snapshots are being stored upon receiving the video stream from the other party. Application can immediately show the video:

  • the screen is locked 
  • the screen is active and application is running in the background
  • the 2N® Mobile video application is open

Android 9 and higher – the snapshots are being stored upon receiving the video stream from the other party. Application can immediately show the video:

  • the screen is locked
  • the 2N® Mobile video application is open


If the phone is not locked and the user is somewhere in the menu or on the home screen the notification will be shown during the incoming call - user can click on the notification and the 2N® Mobile video application will pop up where the video preview is shown, which means that the snapshot will be stored. 


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