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In case you have found some issue with 2N® Indoor Compact, please report it to If you do not have access details, contact your account manager.
Reported issue should contain following information:


  1. Describe us the issue in a close detail, so that we will be able to replicate the behaviour at 2N TechSupport. Any other relevant information such as screenshots, LAN topology, NATs, IP addresses (DHCP/static), etc. are also high appreciated.

  2. The serial number and the current FW version of your 2N® Indoor Compact.
    It is highly recommended to use always the newest FW version available on 2N web page (

  3. Send us the current configuration of the device - in the pictures below there is shown how to do that.

  4. Catch the Wireshark trace on 2N® Indoor Compact. Here first of all activate the capturing by "Start" button, make a call and deactivate the capturing by "Stop" button. Then download hiptrace.pcap file and send it to the support. Because the buffer for trace is limited, it is really necessary to start the trace right before you will make a test call.