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Please, follow the steps below what to check before you send the 2N® Lift1 device for repair:

Possible issues:

a) device does not boot up after plug in (FXS)

b) device is not possible to program over DTMF

c) device is not working correctly, audio issues with microphone and/or speaker


add a) Check wires and try another port (in case of PBX). Check connection on PSTN. If doesn't work, contact for further steps. 


add b) If the mobile phone is used for programming, mute your microphone and put the service password slowly. If you are not able to enter to the programming menu, try to proceed hardware factory reset described in the manual on In case you can enter to the programming menu, but new values are not stored, than be sure that the same value is not stored in another parameter. Try to proceed factory reset before RMA request. 


add c) Check if there is no space between speaker and microphone to prevent echo.  

If you ask for RMA, where is obvious hardware damage, attach photos from the installation side, from the damaged part and another photo which could be important for RMA process.