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You can download logs and network trace in case of some issues with your unit. This files will be requested by technical support during the troubleshooting.


  • Firmware version or higher

Network trace

If the 2N® Indoor Touch communicates with some other party, such as for ex. 2N® Helios IP intercom, a network trace is very helpful. You can capture it on the side of the 2N intercom (see more details here) or alternatively also using a PC with the Wireshark utility running in the same physical LAN. Network trace can be also downloaded from the web interface on the 2N® Indoor Touch side:

Please note that the buffer size limit is 10240 kB


In case of some issues with the app 2N® IP Mobile you can send us the logs from the unit. You can download them in the same section Device->System administration->download logs. You can also enable extended logging feature of the 2N® IP Mobile  app in the section Application->2N® IP Mobile->general setting-> logging