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The upgrade of Access Commander should always be done incrementally, with each upgrade being made to the next sequential version, rather than jumping from a very old version to the latest one. Upgrades between versions are usually performed online via the ‚settings‘ section of Access Commander’s web interface. The exception to this is the upgrade between version 1.9.1 and 1.10.0.  This step involves some fundamental changes to the Linux operating environment, so this upgrade is only possible offline by a parallel deployment of the new version. Upgrade from the version 1.10.0 of Access Commander to newer versions is once again possible onlinevia the web interface.


The table shows it in graphical way :

Upgrade from ------>  to versiontype of upgrade,  article  number
1.10.x ------> higheronline - 1
1.9.1 ------> 1.10.xOFFLINE - 2
1.7.2 ------> 1.9.1online  - 3

1 – Upgrade procedure from 1.10.0  to higher version - online

Login to 2N® Access Commander via web interface.

Go to section Settings. 

In status section will be notification about available upgrade - you can read what is new in this version


2 – Upgrade procedure from 1.9.1 to 1.10.0:

Due to the transition from Linux Debian version 7 to version 9, the ONLINE UPGRADE from 2N® Access Commander version 1.9.1 to the version 1.10.0 is NOT AVAILABLE. However, you may easily upgrade your system to the latest version following way:
(1) Run your existing 2N® Access Commander system version 1.9.1 as usual
(2) Go to the administration console of (1) and enable the SSH connection. Root password change might be requested.
(3) Install a fresh new 2N® Access Commander system version 1.10.0
(4) Go to the administration console of (3), login as root (default pass '2n', change required) and choose 'Backup and restore - Import configuration from another Access Commander'
(5) Enter the IP address and root login credentials of (1)
(6) The complete configuration backup gets uploaded to the new 2N® Access Commander, the originating system gets suspended
(7) Keep using (3), uninstall (1).

How-to: Software Upgrade from Access Commander 1.9.1 to Access Commander 1.10


3  –  Upgrade procedure up to 1.9.1 :

Login to 2N® Access Commander via web interface.

Go to section Settings.

In status section will be notification about available upgrade - you can read what is new in this version

  • The upgrade start results in download and installation of the latest system version. The entire process takes about four minutes.
  • You are strongly recommended to back up your system before update.
  • As the system is shortly unavailable to users during upgrades, you are recommended to upgrade outside the working hours.


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