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This FAQ describes advantages of communication between 2N Indoor Talk and 2N IP intercom via network hostname and how to configure it properly.

How to communicate via 2N Indoor Talk´s device name is described in this FAQ: How to setup call from/to 2N® IP Intercom

The aim of this page is to introduce how to communicate via 2N IP intercom´s network hostname


  • 2N Indoor Talk with the latest firmware
  • 2N IP intercom with the latest firmware
  • no licence is needed
  • devices are in the same network, multicast is allowed in the network

Why to use 2N IP intercom´s hostname in 2N Indoor Talk´s configuration

Communication via network hostname is a proprietary way thanks to that you can activate 2N IP intercom´s switch by 2N Indoor Talk when there is no call


Configuration of 2N IP intercom

Go to 2N IP intercom´s web management - section System - Network - Basic and configure Hostname of the device.


Configuration of 2N Indoor Talk

Go to 2N Indoor Talk´s web management - section Hardware - Buttons and fill in Unlock key destination by device:IP_intercom´s_Hostname.

Now you can activate 2N IP intercom´s switch by 2N Indoor Talk´s button outside the call.