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Factory Reset

2N® LTE Verso is equipped with a RESET button. Press the button shortly (< 1 s) to restart the system without changing configuration.

Follow the instructions below to reset the factory default values:

                                                                                                                                      Firmware v2.26 and newer:

Press the RESET button.                                                                                                                                             

Wait until the red and green LEDs on the device come on simultaneously (approx. 20 s).                        + SOUND SIGNALISATION - release the button after 4 short beeps immediately

Wait until the red LED goes off (approx. 5 s).

Wait until the green LED goes off and the red LED comes on again (approx. 5 s).

Wait until the red LED goes off (another 5 s).

Release the RESET button.




In case of resetting the factory default settings on a device with a firmware v2.18 or newer it is necessary to reprogram the

2N® Security Relay using the instructions from section 2.4.


From FW v2.26 the intercom performs audio feedback during the resetting procedure.

                  More information: