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The 2N® Indoor Talk unit is designed for an audio communication with the 2N® IP Intercom. You can see all intercoms connected to the LAN, you are able to accept incoming audio calls, make outgoing calls to 2N® IP Intercom and also control locks connected to the intercom.

2N® IP intercoms - firmware


It is strong recommended to use the latest FW version for 2N® IP Intercom.

How to configure 2N® IP Intercom?

As a very first step go to the section  "Directory – Phone Book", enable the desired position in the Phonebook and set the "Phone Number" to be dialled once you press an appropriate button of the intercom. If you want to call the 2N® Indoor Talk unit, the number has to be filled in a format: "device:name". In our example the device name “IDT” is being used, see please the picture below.

In the next step you can set the intercom to automatically pick up the incoming calls in order to easily reach it at any time. Go to the section  "Services – Phone – Calls" and enable Automatic Pickup for incoming calls for both SIP1 and SIP2, see the picture below.

As a next step go to the section  "Services - Phone - SIP 1" and fill in the "Domain" field. For direct calls it is recommended to fill in the IP address of intercom as shown in the picture below (IP address of the intercom in this example is

List of connected devices on 2N® IP intercom


A list of registered Device names can be easily viewed on the 2N® IP intercom in the menu Services - Phone - 2N Indoor units, see the example below.

Last step is to assign the newly created contact to quick dial button.


How to set 2N® Indoor Talk?

Once the 2N® Indoor Talk is connected to the local network, go to its web page - section Services - Phone - 2N Indoor units.

To be able to receive calls you need to set the device name there. The device name is used by the intercom for the call routing instead of the IP address.

Intercoms can be called by a short/long pressing of the 2N Indoor Talk call button. Go to 2N Indoor Talk web page - section Hardware - Buttons and input call destination there.

Destination should be in shape sip:IP_of_device. To be able to activate 2N IP Intercom´s switch during call fill in Unlocking DTMF code as well.

List of available devices on 2N® Indoor Talk


A list of available intercoms can be easily viewed on the 2N® Indoor Talk in the menu Services - Phone - 2N® Indoor Units, see the example below.