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  • Remove the front panel from 2N® IP Vario and check if you do not have jumper in the position for reset to default values according to the picture below. Jumper has to be in the position for normal operation!

    Note: it depends on the PCB version which jumper is used!

  • If you have 2N® IP Vario with display, please check if the switch on its right bottom corner is in "Normal" position according to the picture below.

  • For more information about jumpers and PCB versions please read the installation manual for appropriate 2N IP Intercom.
  • If the jumper is in "Normal" position and you still face automatic reboot procedure, please make hardware factory reset as shown above and then put the jumper back to the "normal" position!
  • If the previous step does not solve your troubles, then contact your local 2N distributor or 2N technical support via