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Outdated! New version is here Time Profiles - What is it for and where to find it

Since FW version 1.9 it has been allowed to assign time profiles to global lock codes (switch codes). It means that if the time profile is active, you can activate the switch and open a door by predefined lock code. But if the time profile is inactive, the switch cannot be activated by a code, call or quick dial button. So the lock code can not be activate for limited time, but it can be enabled/disabled according to time profile.

In the pictures below there is an example how you can set it. You have to create new Time profile and after that assign this time profile to the selected switch. Time profile below enables you to use the lock codes (001 and 123) only on working days between 7:00 a.m. and 6 p.m.

                                       Firmware 2.23.1 and older:

                                    Firmware 2.24.0 and later:


If there is firmware 2.24.0 and later, you can schedule the time profile directly in Switch configuration as well.



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