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  • 2N® IPIntercom is capable to make direct IP call so there is no PBX needed.

    • to make direct IP call to some extension in network you have to know its IP address
    • to be able to call to 2N®  IP Intercom, you have to know its IP address as well

  • How to set direct IP call - Go to section "Directory->Users" and pick one of the users or create new one.
  •  Then fill in phone numbers in format "sip:ip_address" or "sip:x@ip_address"
             Firmware 2.23.1 and older:

                   Firmware 2.24.0 and later:

  • In firmware 2.24.0 and higher, you need to manually assigne the user tu the button in section "Hardware->Buttons" if you wish to start the call by pressing the button.
  • With these setting SIP proxy settings is ignored  and the call will be made to IP address that is filled as a number.