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  • Use 2N® IP Network Scanner which can be downloaded from web page of any 2N® IP Intercoms. You can use e.g. the link below (go to section "Software"):

  • If 2N® IP Network Scanner can not find any 2N® IP Intercom then the intercom can have static IP address from different IP address pool than your network or there can be some troubles with you router (check IP address pool, firewall, etc).
  • You can also get IP address from 2N® IP Intercom when you press specific quick dial button on the unit. Take the following steps to retrieve the 2N® IP Intercom address:
    • Connect (or, if connected, disconnect and reconnect) 2N® IP Intercom intercom to the power supply.
    • Wait for the second sound signal  .
    • Press the specific quick dial button five times within 30 seconds after the first sound signal (see the picture below):
      1. 2N® IP Vario - press middle quick dial button on the right side
      2. 2N® IP Force, Safety or Uni - press always the first button on the unit.
      3. 2N® IP Verso - press the quick dial button on the basic unit (module)


    • 2N® IP Intercom  will read its IP address.
    • If the address is, it means that the intercom has not obtained the IP address from the DHCP server.