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This FAQ describes how to install 2N® NetStar SW. The 2N® NetStar SW is a virtual PBX that works the same as 2N® NetStar and offers the same 2N® Netstar Admin Tool as the hardware version. It has similar functionalities. With 2N® NetStar SW you can connect Softphones, IP phones or other solution working with SIP protocol.

Installation of 2N® NetStar SW

  1. It is necessary to install Setup_fw verze.exe, that is available on the site 


  2. In VirtualBox it is necessary to add a new virtual PC where will be 2N® NetStar SW installed. After .exe installation is in C:\Program Files (x86)\2N TELEKOMUNIKACE\2N NetStar\2N NetStar SW Admin Tool 1.0.0 Beta 1\Software\ .iso image for VirtualBox installation. Insert this .iso image to the virtual PC you created.


  3. In Network section it is important setup Bridge Adapter.

    Installation of 2N® NetStar SW in VirtualBox

    1. For an installation use the classical option not the graphical one. Choose the localization for you country.

    2. It is necessary to specify IP address, mask and default gateway and name server of 2N® NetStar SW. After that press Continue to install 2N® NetStar SW.

    3. With Ping function you can check that 2N® NetStar SW is available and working.

    2N® Netstar SW Admin Tool

    1. The 2N® NetStar SW Admin Tool has the same interface as the hardware version. To configure 2N® Netstar SW Admin Tool it is necessary to create PBX, configure IP address and connect to the PBX.