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This FAQ serve as a quickguide for correct issue reporting when some problem on system is detected on 2N® Lift1.

In this case is necessary to send all information on or contact your local distributor for quick support.

For fast respond, please follow steps:

  1. Do the upgrade to the latest version: Firmware upgrade - How to make a firmware upgrade on 2N® Lift1
  2. Do the factory reset:Factory reset - How to make a factory reset on 2N® Lift1
  3. Set up your system again and do tests

If problems persists then: 

  1. Actual configuration of system: Configuration backup - How to backup configuration and how to capture a trace on 2N® Lift1
  2. serial number and firmware version of the product (using service tools 2N® service Tool software, menu "Device"):

  3. Description of the connetion:
        • PSTN connection? (provider)
        • PBX connection (type, model)
        • GSM /UMTS gateway (type, SIM card information - operator, tel. number) - in case of 2N® EasyGate provide:
          • serial number
          • FW version
          • LED diods state in idle mode
          • LED diods state in active mode
  4.  Line voltage where is connected 2N® Lift1 (off-hook)
  5. In case of user voice message error:
    1. Was it recorded with service tool?
    2. Was used external file .wav? (send it for analyze)
  6. Problem description
    • Briefly describe what is happening exactly.