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Dear customers,

In case you have found some problems with the device, please report it to If you do not have access informations, contact your account manager. Reported issue should contain following information:


  1. Please describe us your problem in detail, so that we will be able to replicate the behaviour based on that description.

  2.  Send us the information about FW version and the serial number.

  3. Send us the current configuration of the device. File Config.xml
    Note: It is highly recommended to use always the newest FW version available on 2N web page ( before you report us a technical issue!

  4. Catch the Wireshark trace on 2N® Access Unit
    How to backup database and how to capture a trace on 2N® Access Unit?

  5. Send us the description of the LAN topology, NATs, IP addresses, etc.


Thank you!

















Fill IP address of 2N® Access Unit to your browser (IP address - How to get IP address of 2N® Access Unit?)

Backup configuration:

Go to section System - Maintenance - Configuration

Click button Backup Configuration

Configuration will be stored to your folder Downloads (file config.xml)

Trace download

Go to section System - Network - Trace

1) click red button for star capturing trace


2) click stop button for stop the trace

3) download trace to your PC - click button download (file hiptrace.pcap)


More product information:

  • Access Control (Official Website 2N)


    How to report technical issue on