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Configuration backup

How to back up the current device configuration can be seen in the picture below.

Backup and firmware update notice


Make sure to always back up your device's configuration before you start firmware update. Newer configuration file might not be compatible with your previous FW should you need to use it due to some compatibility issues etc.

Notice: It's highly recommended to always use the latest FW version available on the  2N webpage before you report a technical issue! The issue you might be facing may already be fixed.



Please always send us information about your intercom's FW version and its serial number.

Network trace

How to capture network traces on 2N IP intercoms?

Buffer length warning

Because the buffer for traces is limited, it is really necessary to start the trace right before you make the test call and then stop it before it reaches the maximum buffer size – 4096kB!

Caution: If there is a video stream active during the trace the files can grow large.

The advantage of the local packet capturing is that it is automatically launched upon boot up so it is possible to download the trace including already ended call while you have to manually launch the remote packet capturing.

First of all, start the capture by clicking the "Start" button, make a call and stop the capture by clicking the "Stop" button, then click the "Download" button to download the trace file (hiptrace.pcap) and send it to us.


Similarly, you can use remote packet capturing. This has no limit so it can be used for longer tests. Start the capture by clicking the "Start" button, choosing how long it should be traced for. Once the time limit is reached or stopped manually by the "Stop" button the trace will be downloaded automatically.



Send us the description of used LAN topology, NATs, IP addresses, devices you're trying to integrate with, etc. that might help in solving the issue.


The 2N IP intercoms allow you to send system messages to the Syslog server including relevant information on the device states and processes for recording, analysis and audit. It is unncecessary to configure this service for common intercom operation.

You can either set up a Syslog server or use the local Syslog which can run up to 7 days (it can be interupted at will). If the local syslog is too large the beginning might be overwritten.

The advantage of the local Syslog is that it keeps running even when the device is rebooted while the Syslog server can give us more data in the moment of a reboot.

The controls are the same as with the network trace.

Ping tool

Ping tool allows you to ping internet addresses. This way you can check whether the device itself has a proper internet connection.