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This FAQ describes how to install a 3rd party application MeetingRoomApp on the 2N® Indoor Touch unit and pair it with the Microsoft Exchange calendar account.

MeetingRoomApp is an Android based application to be installed on control panels attached to your meeting rooms. It will make the process of booking a meeting room in your company much easier. For further details refer to or take a look at the Instructions manual here.

Required licenses


91378390 2N Indoor Touch Unlocking license for 3rd party applications (to install the application itself)
91378393 2N Indoor Touch Alternative Android launcher license (to set the application as an alternative launcher running in the foreground; license available on an explicit request for testing purposes of this app only)

Required firmware version


Make please sure you are using the FW version 3.0.4 or higher (as available at|category=firmware) on your 2N® Indoor Touch unit.

Demo installation file


A demo of the MeetingRoomApp application can be requested at or downloaded directly from here: app-enterprise-release-2-9-0.apk.

How to install the app on the 2N® Indoor Touch

  1. Obtain the license key for your unit.
    Make please sure you have requested both 91378390 (2N Indoor Touch Unlocking license for 3rd party applications) and 91378393 (2N Indoor Touch Alternative Android launcher) required licenses.
  2. Enter the license key to the 2N® Indoor Touch, either by typing it directly using its display:
    1. Go to Settings - System info - Add licence

      or by entering it over the web interface:
    2. Go to System info - Status - License - Upload license
  3. After entering the license key make please sure you can see the License keys/Licensed features APP and LAUNCHER.
  4. Enable installation of 3rd party applications, either by using the display:
    1. Go to Settings - Software - Allow installation of apps

      or over the web interface:
    2. Go to Application - Settings - Allow installation of 3rd party applications
  5. Go to Settings - Advanced - Set Android launcher in the launcher using the display and switch the unit to the standard Android environment. The unit will be rebooted after the launcher change.



    By proceeding this action the default 2N launcher will be removed and the unit will be switched to the standard environment of Android OS 4.4. If you would like to use the 2N launcher again the hard factory reset using the button on the back side of the 2N® Indoor Touch unit is necessary.

  6. Open the file browser, select the desired installation .apk file, go through the installation process of the MeetingRoomApp application and run it after the successful installation.

  7. Set the application as a default launcher/home app to be used by the 2N® Indoor Touch unit:

    MeetingRoomApp as the default launcher/home app


    The MeetingRoomApp application will now start automatically after the system boot and will always run in the foreground as the only application available.
    Take a look please at the hidden gestures here if you would like to return back to the Android launcher or access the system settings.

How to pair the app with the Microsoft Exchange calendar

  1. First you need to have ready credentials of the Microsoft Exchange shared calendar account created by your system administrator in the local Exchange server.
    If you do not have any account yet, see please this guide for further details how to create it.
    If you have the credentials ready, proceed please furhter to pairing this account with the 2N® Indoor Touch unit.
  2. Click on the Android Settings option in the MeetingRoomApp application in order to access the system settings.
  3. Go to the Accounts section, click on the + Add account button and choose Corporate.
  4. Go through the Account setup as shown in the pictures below and return back to the application when done.

  5. Select the shared calendar you have just created to be used by the application.

    Adding the calendar


    It may take a while until the application can see recently created calendar in the list. You may reboot the 2N® Indoor Touch unit by unplugging it from the power supply in order to speed this step up.

  6. Optionally you may also add a name for this meeting room.

  7. Once you set all the details you can go back to the default room view simply by pressing the Back button.

    MeetingRoomApp as the default home application


    The MeetingRoomApp application always runs in the foreground as the only application available. Take a look please at the hidden gestures here if you would like to access the application settings again.

For further details see please following links: