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2N® Mobile Video is a service available at the My2N portal. It allows you to make calls from the 2N Helios IP intercoms to mobile devices over Internet.

You need to sign up and login to My2N account using your email address, in order to gain the access to 2N® Mobile Video.

Step-by-step guide

In order to sign up, please visit Fill in the information about a new user, choose where did you find out about My2N, confirm My2N's Terms & Conditions, confirm captcha security and press Sign up button as shown below.

Figure 1: Registration process

You are going to receive an email where you will be asked for a confirmation of your account. Please visit provided link to confirm your new created account. Please do not reply to this email.

Figure 2: Successful registration

You can login to My2N at now.
After logging in, you may begin with the configuration of 2N® Mobile Video service by clicking on the START NOW button, as shown in the picture below:


Figure 3: Main menu

30 days free trial


By pressing button START NOW, 30 days FREE TRIAL period of the 2N® Mobile Video service will be activated for your account.


Once you choose to START NOW and activate the 2N® Mobile Video service, you  will be able to see the service overview page of your site which has few sections:

Figure 4: Service overview section


1) Main menu which includes following sub-menus: 

  • Service overview - This page shows you the most important information of the current site (by default there is only 1 site created with the new account).
  • Settings - This page shows you details of the added devices and allows you to adjust the setting of the devices.
  • Phonebooks -  This section allows you to create new phonebooks where you can assign specific devices. For more information please click here.
  • Licenses and Subscriptions - In this section you can pay the subscription and edit your billing info. For more information please click here .
  • Site payments - This menu shows you the history of your payments for the current site.
  • Site users - This section shows you all users created within this account.
  • New site -  Allows you to create a new site. For more information please click here.


2) By clicking on this section you will be able to access the settings menu and be able to add or maintain your devices.

3) By clicking on this section you will be able to access the Licenses and Subscription menu.


You can also see the type and status of your current subscription.


You can get into the section settings by clicking on the section Devices or by choosing the settings on the left side.

Figure 5: Adding of the new device


You can add a new intercom by clicking on ADD DEVICE button or section STEP 1:Where to call from


Figure 6: Adding of the intercom


For detailed information about how to add 2N® Helios IP intercoms, please visit following articles:

2N® IP intercom - How to add an intercom using the Security Code

How to add 2N® Helios IP intercom - I don't have a card with Security Code


As a next step, in the section Where to call?, you need to add devices you will call to - smart phones, tablets, 2N® Indoor Touch units or 3rd party devices and applications.


Figure 7: Call destination


For detailed information how to add smartphone or tablet, 2N® Indoor Touch or 3rd party devices/ applications please visit following articles:

My2N account - How to add smartphone or tablet

My2N account - How to add 2N® Indoor Touch to My2N account

How to add a 3rd party SIP device/application


In the section Call settings, you can setup your 2N Helios IP intercoms to call to other devices within your My2N account. To do so, 2N Helios IP intercom has to be set to Automatic mode, which allows the device to be configured by the My2N server remotely.


Figure 8: Where to call


For detailed information about how to setup call setting for 2N Helios IP intercom, please visit following article:

Call setting - How to configure call settings for the IP intercom


If you do not want to use the Automatic mode for intercom's configuration with My2N, please visit following article:

I don't want to use an automatic configuration via TR069 - Manual configuration of the Helios IP intercom


Please note, that if you want to have device configured automatically for My2N using the Automatic mode, device should have fw version 2.26 or higher to be able to use it together with the 2N® Access Commander, otherwise configuration from My2N will not be possible.


In the Go mobile section, you can download 2N Helios IP Mobile app for Android and iOS to your smart phone or tablet (Android and iOS supported).


Figure 8: Set up the mobile applciation

Account and site management

You can manage (add/edit/delete) users, choose different sites or see your billing info in the upper section of the portal.


Figure 9: Main bar

1. Sites - this menu allows you to switch between the sites if you have created more than 1 site.

2. Company - this section allows you to manage following:

  • Company admins - Allowing you to add another persons with admin role. Admin of the compnay has the full access to all sites and can control all aspects of the account. Users with admin role also recieve notifications regarding to the payments of the subscription.
  • Billing info - Information regarding to the billing
  • Payment overviews - This section shows you the history of payments
  • Create company - This button allows you to create new company with different billing info if necessary. You can have again various number of sites. In this menu you will be also able to change between the companies once there is more than 1 comapny created.



3. Account - In this section you are able to change your Account details such as password or you can manage (assign / add / edit / delete) phonebooks for devices associated with My2N account in section Mobile Video and its subsection Phonebooks.



For detailed information how to setup  phonebooks, please read following article::

Phonebook - How to setup alternative phonebook