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tested with meter supporting pulse output (S0) and 2N® SmartCOM PRO ETH with firmware SCE_1. supporting AMS features.

Make sure that the 2N® SmartCOM PRO ETH jumpers are set as shown in figure

  • pulse counting on S0 inputs

at^scpulse1="start"                                                                              - enable pulse counting on input 1.

at^scams="ENABLE",1                                                                       - enable AMS functionality.

AT^SCAMS="DEV_ADD",128,"AIN_DIN","1/PULSE/ABS","5M"              - absolute value of pulses on input 1 each 5 minutes

at^scpulse2="start"                                                                             - enable pulse counting on input 2.

AT^SCAMS="DEV_ADD",128,"AIN_DIN","2/PULSE/REL","5M"              - relative (difference between two readouts) value of pulses on input 2 each 5 minutes

Possible time intervals:                                                                   -  "1M", "2M", "3M", "4M", "5M", "6M", "10M", "12M", "15M", "20M", "30M", "1H", "2H", "3H", "4H", "6H", "8H", "12H", "1D"


at^scams?                                                                                         - Show added devices

^SCAMS: 1> 128,"AIN_DIN","1/PULSE/ABS","5M"

^SCAMS: 2> 128,"AIN_DIN","2/PULSE/REL","5M"

AT^SCAMS="DEV_REMOVE",1                                                           - Remove device from defined position


  • results

^SCDATA: "AMS",1461340261,12091,"AIN_DIN",1,0,"","131"                   - results from port 1    
^SCDATA: "AMS",1461340381,12093,"AIN_DIN",1,0,"","228"                   - results from port 1
^SCDATA: "AMS",1461340441,12094,"AIN_DIN",1,0,"","234"                   - results from port 1
^SCDATA: "AMS",1461340681,12098,"AIN_DIN",2,0,"","21"                     - results from port 2



General AMS errors
0                  - without error 
1                  - error of input data 
2                  - error of output data 
3                  - protocol cannot be used for this port
4                  - readout not started
Inputs AMS errors
8388608            - non specific error (internal error of module)
8388609            - readout was stopped by user
8388610            - bad format address of the device
8388611            - timeout (message was not sent in defined time)
8388612            - timeout (message was not sent in defined time)
8388613            - timeout - receiving message response
8388865            - bad frame in answer message
8388866            - bad sequential number of the frame
8388867            - answer is too log (not enough space for this frame in internal AMS memory)
8388868            - bad CRC
8388869            - bad value in sync. field