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Toto FAQ popisuje co je nutné zkontrolovat před tím, než požádáte o RMA na interkom 2N® Helios IP. Jedná se pouze o obecné kroky, které v některých případech můžou vaší závadu vyřešit. Některé závady mohou být specifičtějšího charakteru a je nutné kontaktovat technickou podporu a ověřit, zda je nutné RMA či nikoliv. Proveďte prosím zde popsané kroky před tím, než požádáte o RMA. Vždy prosím spolupracujte na řešení závady s technickou podporou, pokud zboží nebude zkontrolováno technickou podporou a závada není shledána, zákazník hradí náklady na diagnostiku!

Obecné kroky před podáním žádosti o RMA

Nějaká z funkcí nefunguje

Má vaše zařízení poslední vydání FW?

If you think that some of the feautures does not work, then please check whether your device has the latest FW version or not. You can check FW version in section "System->Maintenance->System->Firware version".

Once you will check FW version of your device, please go to our website (, pick your particular model and then in section "Download->Firware" check if you really have the latest version. If not, then please download the latest one and upgrade the intercom in section "System->Maintenance->Upgrade Firmware"

If situation fill remains the same you also can optionaly make Reset configuration in same section. It sometimes helps for instance after FW ugprade. If this wont help either then please contact the tech. support and describe your issue and send configuration backup. Please keep on mind, that functionality of most of the features is SW related and if you will discover any malfunction, then it is probably a bug and once you will report it to the tech. support, it will be forwarded to R&D and fixed as soon as possible.

Possible HW failure

Camera or extending module does not work, what can I do? 

If anything what is somehow connected via connector to PCB of the intercom does not work properly then please check the connection and also the cables. For instance in case of 2N® Helios IP Verso try to use spare bus cable if you have any. Also if you have possibility to try this module on another intercom of same model, please do so to find out whether intercom itself is faulty or just the module. This is applied to all the modules in 2N® Helios IP family. If nothing of this will hep, then you can try to make HW factory of the intercom (Different for each model, will be described in this FAQ).

Intercom is restarting when opening a door, what can I do? 

If intercom restart itself everytime you tries to open the door, then power source (whether POE or 12V external power supply) is probably to weak. Intercom has a watchdog, which restart intercom everytime when it does not have enough power for operation and triggering the lock at the same time to prevent it's damage. Please try to use different power source or lock with less consumption.

Intercom does not get IP address from DHCP server, what can I do?

Please note that in default intercom always has DHCP enabled. If it does not get IP address from DHCP server, please doublecheck your network equipment and check if different device will be able to obtain address from DHCP server on the same port as the intercom. You can simply get IP address of the device by pressing devices button 5 times. More detailed description of this procedure is in this FAQ (IP address - How to get IP address of 2N® Helios IP). You can also switch between DHCP and static mode with similiar procedure, but you have to press the button 15 times instead. Default static IP address is If you will able to connect to the device on this address, then issue is probably network related.If nothing of this will hep, then you can try to make HW factory of the intercom.

Intercom is loosing connection to the network, what can I do?

Please check cable and try another one, also please try the intercom in another segment of the network or at another equipment (different switch, POE injector etc.).

How to make HW factory reset of  2N® Helios IP intercoms

In certain situation intercom can get to some unpredictable state and it's behavior indicates failure. Anyway it can be caused by some memory leak, state of some watchdog etc., in this case sometimes HW factory via RESET button helps and intercom will be functional again. Also this is generaly the last step before you will raise RMA request and everytime you will do it, 2N technician will ask you to perform this!

2N® Helios IP Vario

  1. Switch 2N® IP Vario off.
  2. Connect the jumper into the resetting (default setting) position (put the display switch into the F_RES position in the display-equipped models with 535v1 and 535v2 board versions).
  3. Switch 2N® IP Vario on and wait for the acoustic start signalling.
  4. Switch 2N® IP Vario off.
  5. Remove the jumper from the resetting (default setting) position (put the display switch into the NORMAL position in the display-equipped models with 535v1 and 535v2 board versions).
  6. Switch 2N® IP Vario on.

2N® Helios IP Verso

  1. Press the RESET button.
  2. Wait until the red and green LEDs on the device come on simultaneously (approx. 20 s).
  3. Wait until the red LED goes off (approx. 5 s).
  4. Wait until the green LED goes off and the red LED comes on again (approx. 5 s).
  5. Wait until the red LED goes off (another 5 s).
  6. Release the RESET button.

2N® Helios IP Force/Safety

Factory Default Resetting (PCB version 555v3 and higher)

For resetting device to default settings press and hold SW1 button. Wait for the first sound signalization and then release the button. If you press the button for short time device will reboot only. SW1 button is available in devices with PCB version 555v3 and higher. For devices with PCB version 555v2 see procedure below.


Factory Default Resetting (PCB version 555v2)

  1. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  2. Move the short-circuit jumper on connector X6 into the Default setup position. Configuration jumpers (X6) are located in the right-hand upper corner of the PCB.
  3. Reconnect the power supply and wait for a start signalling sound.
  4. Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  5. Move the short-circuit jumper on connector X6 into the Normal operation position.
  6. Reconnect the power supply. The device will be reset to factory default.


2N® Helios IP Uni


2N® Helios IP Uni is equipped with a RESET button. Push the button for more than 10 s to reset the factory default values, deleting all the data stored in the device. Push the button shortly (< 1 s) to restart the device without changing its configuration.

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