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This FAQ describes how to connect 2N® Helios IP intercom to CUCM 11 via SIP trunk. Connection via SIP trunk will enable calls from intercom to CUCM and its main advantage is that you dont need additional "device" licence for CUCM. FAQ is diveded into the two parts. First part describes how to configure CUCM 11 and second part describes configuration of 2N® Helios IP intercom.

How to configure CUCM 11 

Configuration of SIP trunk

Go to section "Device->Trunk", set parameters regarding the picture below and click on "Next".

Continue in configuration according to the pictures below.

Configuratin of trunk security

In next step configure trunk security (password which will be used for registration to the trunk). Security is configured in section "System->Security->SIP Trunk Security Profile".  Click on "Add New".

Configure the rest according to the pictures below.

Add user

In this step add a user in section "User Management->Application User". Click on "Add New".

Continue with configuration according to pictures below.


Add route pattern

In next step create route pattern (number which will be called by the intercom). Add Route pattern in section "Call Routing->Route->Hunt->Route Pattern". Click "Add New".

Continue with configuration according to pictures below.

How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom

Now you can register the intercom to the newly created SIP trunk. Credentials for this example are 4999/4999 and address of CUCM 11 is Instead of this address fill here address of your CUCM. 

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