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This 2nwiki describes how to configure CUCM 11 and 2N® Helios IP intercom to use as extension with CUCM. First part describes configuration of CUCM 11, you will see how to create user, phone and add line to this phone. Second part of this 2nwiki shows how to register 2N® Helios IP with created extension in CUCM 11.

How to configure CUCM 11

How to add user

First of all you have to create user. Create new user by clicking on Add New in section User Management->End User.

For this 2nwiki we choosed number 3650. All fields which contains this number in picture below has to be filled.

Pictures below shows rest of the configuration of this section, it is in default state.

How to add device

In this step you have to create device (phone). Create new device by clicking on Add New in section Device->Phone.

Now you have to configure the newly created device. Fill MAC Address. For parameter Phone Button Template choose Third-party SIP Device (Advanced ) if you have intercom with camera. If you have intercom without camera, you can choose Third-party SIP Device (Basic). Make sure that other configuration corresponding with configuration below.

How to add line

In this step you have to create line for the newly created device. Create line by clicking on Add a new DN in section  Device->Phone as you can see in picture below.

Edit the other configuration regarding the pictures below.

How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom

Log in to the web interface of the intercom and go to section Services->Phone->SIP1 or SIP2 and fill there all neccesary data regarding the picture below. 

You can verify that the intercom is properly registered with CUCM 11 on the main page of the web interface in tab "Status".


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