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The 2N® IP Safety has the possibility to handle also the LEDs for Keys 1, 2 and 3 via the Automation.

  • led_key1 – first button backlight at Safety
  • led_key2 – second button backlight at Safety
  • led_key3 – third button backlight at Safety


Below is an example for the Automation setting — the action is activated when the MulticastTrigger is received but basically is can be any event.

On the opposite device is set an action MulticastRequest, command="speak", or "silent" when the button is pressed and released.

You can download this Automation here:

Firmware & License info

  • 2N OS v2.37 with GOLD license
  • Last updated on 25th of January 2023

Note: All commands used in the Automation section are thoroughly described in our Automation manual altogether with corresponding examples.

                  More information: