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Testing was made with 2.9.0 version of firmware for 2N Helios IP. Differences in configuration for version 2.9.0 and 2.11 will be described. You can download original version of this manual in PDF format here.

Connection diagram of integrating 2N Helios IP

Add SIS-5000 to RacePoint Blueprint

  1. From the RacePoint Blueprint toolbar, click Show Library to open the Components library.
  2. From the All Components library, enter Intercom into the search bar.

  3. Select and drag the Savant Intercom Server into a Global Zone, In the window that appears, accept either default unique name automatically populated or enter a name that describes the Intercom Server and click Create.
  4. Select and drag the Intercom Server component into the configuration window. Double click the Intercom Server just created to open component inspector.
  5. Complete the fields in Inspector as is outlined below.

  6. Connect the Ethernet port of the Savant Intercom Server to a port on a Generic NetworkSwich profile.

Add Door/Gate Entry Station into Blueprint (Helios IP)

Add Generic Door Entry System


  1. In the Racepoint Blueprint configuration tool open the Components library from toolbar by clicking Show Library.
  2. Enter door into the search bar.

  3. Drag the Generic Door Entry System to one of the zones and accept the default or enter name for Door/Gate Entry station. In this procedure 2N Helios IP was entered.
  4. Click Create
  5. Drag the component into the configuration window.
  6. Double click the Door Entry System to open the Inspector. Selecet Telephony from the Show: drop-down menu.
  7. Highlight the Registration line by selecting it.

Configure Video Support

For video Support highlight the Video Support line in the Inspector and check Enabled checbox.



Savant configurator

Savant configurator is web-based graphical user interface and it is displayed in a web browser. It is connects directly into the SIS-5000 Intercom Server. To access this tool, one of three methods can be used. In all three cases login window will appear, default credentials are: 

Username: admin

Password: savant

Connect Through System Monitor

The Savant System Monitor scans the local network and will find the Intercom Server. Once found, the Savant Configurator can be launched from system Monitor.

  1. Open System Monitor through Savant Application Manager.
  2. Scroll through the list of devices and find the Intercom Server. The server can be found through either:
    • IP Address assigned to the Intercom Server
    • The Device Type column in System Monitor lists the Intercom Server as a Phone System

  3. Once the Intercom Server is found, double click it and the Savant configurator will open a login screen through a web browser.

Connect Through Bonjour on Safari

Apple’s Bonjour Zero Configuration Networking Standard can be used to discover the Intercom Server.

  1. Open the Apple Safari web browser.
  2. If the Bonjour dropdown does not appear in the Favourites bar, enable it from the Advanced tab when in Safari Preferences.
  3. Select intercom from the Bonjour drop-down menu.

Enter IP Address into Browser

If you know the IP address of the Intercom Server, type the address into a web browser.

Configure the 2N Helios IP using Savant Configurator

The 2N Door Entry station must first be added as a device. Refer to instructions below to register the 2N Door Entry station. Log in to the Savant Configurator and do following:

  1. Select the Device tab to open the Devices page.
  2. Select Add Device.

  3. Click Add & Exit when complete.
  4. Click the Devices tab and verify the device has been aded.

Configure a Call Group for the 2N Helios IP

  1. Select the Call Groups tab.
  2. Select Add Group and the Add Call Group page will open.
  3. Edit the Add Call Group page using the table below.

  4. Click Save Group to save the Call Group just created. Verify the group was created.

Add Members to the 2N Call Group

  1. From the Call Groups page, select View Groups from the Call Groups side bar.
  2. Select the group just created by clicking the radio button associated with the group.
  3. Click Edit Members.
  4. Move the desired endpoints from the Available Devices table to the Group Members table by selecting each endpoint and click the << or >> arrow. These will be the devices the 2N station will call. When you finish editing click Save.

Add an Extension to the Door Entry Call Group

Each Call Group needs to have an extension associated with it. This is the number that the 2N panel will call when the button at the gate is pressed.

  1. Click the Extensions tab.
  2. In the Extensions window, click the Add Extension button and fill the Add Extension window. Refer to the table below.
  3. Click Add New Ext.
  4. Verify the extension is now in the Extensions Table with the correct information.

Configure the 2N Helios IP 

2N Helios IP with default setting is set to get IP address from DHCP. Default credentials are:

Username: admin

Password: 2n

Register the 2N Helios IP to the SIS-5000

To make sure that the 2N registers on to the Savant Intercom Server, it is important that the Phone settings are completed under the Services section.

  1. From the 2N Home screen, select the Services tile.
  2. Make sure that Phone is selected from the options on the left, and that SIP 1 is the currently selected tab.
  3. Complete the fields by referencing the table below.

  4. Click on the Apply button.

Verify Registration

It is important to check that 2N Helios IP is registred on the Savant Intercom Server. After completing procedure above, the registration status should be confirmed by both 2N Helios IP and the Savant Intercom Server. In 2N Helios IP Home screen you see Status, you should see that SIP 1 is REGISTRED.

On the side of Savant Intercom server log in and from the Overview tab, locate the 2N device in the Devices section. Ensure that under the Reg Status column, the 2N is listed as OK.

Configure the 2N Camera

The 2N camera will appear on the TrueControl II UI page as long as the URL is configured on the Generic Door Entry Profile under Video Support as described previously. If the camera shows but only presents a still image, follow the steps below.

Firmware 2.9.0

  1. On the 2N web interface, select the purple Services tile.
  2. Select Streaming from the menu on the left and select the JPEG tab.
  3. Ensure that the checkbox next to Snapshot Download Enabled is checked.
  4. Click Apply


Firmware 2.11

  1. On the 2N web interface, select the purple Services tile.
  2. Select HTTP API.
  3. For Camera API select Unsecure and None.



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