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Our new indoor unit 2N® Indoor Touch is primarily designed for audio and video communication with 2N® Helios IP intercom. For this purpose we have preinstalled an application called 2N® Helios IP Mobile into this indoor unit. Thanks to the application you will see all intercoms connected in your LAN network, you will be able to accept incoming audio/video calls, make outgoing calls to 2N® Helios IP intercom and also control a lock connected to the intercom.

It is strongly recommended to use a newest fw version. From the fw. version 1.5 you do not need a Enhanced integration or a Gold license for the HIP for a door opening-This is done by the DTMF.

Note: if you are using the fw version 1.4 or an older one and you want to control a lock from your indoor unit then you will need Enhanced Integration license (or Gold license) uploaded in your 2N® Helios IP intercom because the lock is controlled via HTTP commands in that case. The other possibility is to make an upgrade to the fw version 1.5 or higher where is this done by the DTMF.

How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom?

As a very first step you have to go to section "Directory – Phone Book", enable a specific position in the Phonebook and set there "Phone Number" which will be dialled once you press appropriate button. Once you want to make a call to 2N® Helios IP Mobile application installed in indoor unit then the number has to be filled in the following format: "device:name". See the picture below where the name “ICU” was used.


If the user is set according to the picture above, then move to the section "Services-Streaming - JPEG" and allow there an option "JPEG Snapshots Download" as shown in the next picture. This is necessary to set only for the HIP fw versions 2.9 and older.


In next step you can move to the section "Services – Phone – Calls" and change Activation mode for incoming calls to "Automatic" (see picture below). It means that incoming calls will be automatically picked up by the intercom. 


Note: Stay in the same section "Services - Phone" but move to the tab "SIP 1" where you should fill in "Domain" field. For calls from intercom to 2N® Helios IP Mobile application version 2 it is recommended to fill in the IP address of intercom to the "Domain" field as shown in the next picture (IP address of the intercom is If you don´t do that then 2N® Indoor Touch unit can proceed the incoming calls incorrectly and you will hear nothing.

 If you are using the fw version 1.4 or an older one and you want to control a lock from your indoor unit than you have to move to section "Hardware – Switches – Advanced" and check there an option "Enable switch control by http!. It allows you to control the lock from 2N® Indoor TouchThe other possibility is to make an upgrade to the fw version 1.5 or higher where is this done be the DTMF.

Finaly in the Menu Services-HTTP API select the Unsecure (TCP) for switch API and Camera API with None Authentication.

How to set 2N® Indoor Touch?

Once 2N® Indoor Touch is connected to the network and powered (it can be via PoE or you can use 12V / 2A power supply) it will boot up and you will see initial screen which looks like the one in next picture. You have to simply use your finger and make a click on the "2N® Helios IP Mobile" application which is in the top right corner.

Note: this unit doesn´t have Wi-Fi module right now and it has to receive IP address from DHCP server! If you set static IP address then you can face some troubles!


Application will automatically scan your LAN network and find all 2N® Helios IP intercoms connected to the network. Just make a click to the selected intercom and you will see a video from this intercom in the right side of the screen. There are three buttons which enable you to make a call from 2N® Indoor Touch to the intercom, listen audio from the intercom and remotely control the lock. If you add any intercom to the network or change the setting of any of them, then you can very easily touch the right part of the screen and swipe down by your finger as you can see in the picture below.

                                                          HIPMv.3                                                                                                                                          HIPMv.2


  1. Access to configuration section
  2. List of available intercoms and SIP proxy devices
  3. List of missed calls
  4. Numeric keyboard for SIP proxy call
  5. SIP proxy state
  6. Set Helios IP devices
  7. Video transmission
  8. Current video image saving
  9. Call control
  10. Door/Lock control (if you hold this button, you can choose which lock you want to activate)
  11. Listening-in enable/disable


To be able to receive calls on this indoor unit you need to properly specify the device name (name which is used by intercoms instead of IP address – we set "ICU" in the previous configuration of 2N® Helios IP intercom). So use your finger and click on the "three dots" on the top left corner (section "Settings"). If this parameter is not set correctly, you will not be able to receive calls from 2N® Helios IP! See next picture how you can change the name.

                                                              HIPMv.2                                                                                                    HIPMv.3


For the lock control is important to set the DTMF code in the section Editing device. By the click on "pen" label of each device is possible to set the DTMF for locks 1-4. Do not forget add also the symbol "star" as a confirmation.

Now is everything set correctly and you should see a video stream and receive calls from your door intercom. Once you have a missed call then 2N® Indoor Touch will inform you visually about that – 2N logo below the screen will be blinking in red colour. After that you can go to section "Missed calls" and check who was calling to you.


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