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How to integrate 2N® Helios IP intercom with Hikvision platform?

In this FAQ you will find all necessary steps how to integrate 2N® Helios IP intercom into the Hikvision VMS (Video Monitoring software) platform. This can be done thanks to the ONVIF protocol (especially ONVIF profile S). Onvif connects together manufacturers of cameras, VMS, video storage and access control system. This is very useful if you need to have one complex solution where you will see video from all cameras in your company or in your secured area.

Note: for this interoperability you will need Enhanced Video license (or Gold license) uploaded to your 2N® Helios IP intercom!

How to set 2N® Helios IP intercom?

Settings of 2N® Helios IP intercom is very simple. You have to go to section "Services –> Onvif" and set there "Discoverable" mode as shown in the picture below. Then you have to create ONVIF account with "Administrator" access level. We used credentials admin/2n for this FAQ.

Finally RTSP stream has to be enabled on 2N® Helios IP. This setting is in the section "Services –> Streaming". You have to enable RTSP server and choose codec. Also please verify that "UDP Unicast Enabled" is checked. All these settings are shown in the picture below.

How to set Hikvision system?

After you login into the Hikvision software via web browser go to "Configuration" menu on the top bar and on the left side select "Remote configuration – Camera management – IP camera". You will see there all added IP cameras and you will have a possibility to modify existing one or add new one. Click on the "Add" button as shown in the picture below.

Now you have to fill in all necessary parameters to add new camera into the system. In this example it will be camera from 2N® Helios IP intercom. It means that you have to set IP address of 2N® Helios IP there, choose ONVIF protocol, set port 80 and fill in the username and password (admin : 2n).

If everything was set properly, you should see new camera in the "Live View" menu. After you click on this camera, you will see live video stream from 2N® Helios IP.

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