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Paging from 2N® IP Intercom is a feature that can be used for emergency calls or just for any announcement that will be sent to all other intercoms (or to specific group of intercoms).  These devices have to receive multicast stream on predefined multicast IP address and port. Then you just press a button on 2N® IP Intercom and you can start talking to all other intercoms, play announcements or play any emergency tones (e.g. for evacuation of the building).

  1. How to set 2N® IP Intercom which will send multicast
    All necessary steps for "Paging from intercom" settings are shown in the figure below. Automation you can download here:

    The settings above mean that if any user presses the quick dial button 5 on the 2N® IP Intercom, then the user sound is sent as a multicast request to all other devices. This sound takes 2 seconds. After that period of time you can start talking and 2N® IP Intercom will stream this multicast traffic to all other devices that are listening on the specific IP address and port (in our example: IP address is and port is 21212). If you want to stop multicast traffic, you just press the quick dial button 5 again but for a such behaviour you have to use two conditions as shown in the figure above.

    Note: All commands used in the Automation section are described in detail in our 2N® IP Intercom Automation manual where are also some examples. This manual is available on our web pages:

  2. How to set receiving 2N® IP Intercoms
    If you want to receive a multicast traffic on your 2N® IP Intercoms, you have to set specific multicast IP address and port. In our example IP address and port 21212 are used. This setting is shown in the figure below.

  3. As a next step you need to go to Automation section and configure that this 2N® IP Intercom will play user sound once it receives specific multicast request. In our example user sound recorded on the position 2 in this intercom is played. Automation you can download here:

    Note:You can find more information about user sounds in our 2N® IP Intercom IP Configuration manual which can be downloaded from our web pages: