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In next few pictures there will be explained how to set section "Onvif" on side of 2N® Helios IP and what to set in section "Device info" of Synology server in order to find particular 2N® Helios IP in the network.

  1. As a very first step you have to do a configuration in Services settings under the section Onvif. Set discovery mode to Enabled. The default user is already created  as admin/2n (Username/Password). If there is no user, please create a new one and check "ENABLED".
  2. On the side of Synology server you will be able to discover the 2N® Helios IP unit. Then you have to fill new client details in the section "Device Info", enter IP address manually or browse your LAN network and fill Username/Password - admin/2n.
  3. In the next three pictures just follow recommended settings.