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All logs from server are available through http protocol. HTTP port can be set in the course of 2N® SmartCom server installation (Fig. 1):

Figure 1. 2N® SmartCom setup

The second way how to find out http port is to run 2N® SmartCom license tool (Fig. 2):

Figure 2. 2N®SmartCom license tool

The third way is available in 2N®SmartCom server. Click on „Server Settings“ (Fig. 3) and in the settings you can find all installed ports (Fig. 4):

Figure 3. 2N®SmartCom server

Figure 4. 2N®SmartCom server settings

Afterwards run web browser and put IP address and http port of the server into the search field (Fig. 5):

Figure 5. Sevrer logs

The second way how to get the server logs is from the directory (with admin rights) C:\Users\All Users\2N TELEKOMUNIKACE\2N SmartCOM\SC Server\logs