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  • this guide describes basic steps to configure Peer to Peer communication between 2N® Helios IP and IP telephone Grandstream GXV3140. All names and IP addresses are only for this example, please change these information according to your names and IP plan.


  • Connect 2N® Helios IP into IP network. Into the same network connect IP telephone Grandstream GXV3140.

2N® Helios IP settings

  • You need to specify IP address and subnet mask for your 2N® Helios IP.

  • Select a contact which is mapped for one touch call (e.g. for button #1 on your 2N® Helios IP). You need to modify Phone number for this contact according to your peer telephone. In the following picture there is IP address of IP telephone.

  •  Set up SIP settings according to the next picture. IP addresses should match to your network plan.

  • In the settings of Video codecs you need to specify RTP payload type. Number "0" means that  there is no payload type (2).

Settings of IP telephone Grandstream GXV3140

  • In these settings do not forget to leave the Use Random Port check box empty.

  • In the next picture you can find SIP settings for Grandstream. Set Local SIP Port to 5060.

  • In General Settings you need to specify IP address of  SIP server. This is IP address of the peer partner.