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2N® Helios IP configuration

Streaming settings

  • Firsly configure 2N® Helios IP RTSP server in Streaming page in WEB configuration
    1. Enable RSTP Server
    2. Enable Video Stream
    3. Enable UDP Unicast
    4. Set H.264 video codec for compression of video stream
    5. Set appropriate Resolution, Framerate and Bitrate


How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom – FW version 2.6 and higher

Cisco VSOM configuration

IP/Network Cameras Setting

  • Second, add new camera to Cisco VSOM
    1. Select Camera Type: AXIS P3301
    2. Set Host IP/Name for 2N® Helios IP
    3. Set the Parameters in Camera Feed group box. Use same values that are set in the 2N® Helios IP configuration.

Note: Different camera types could be selected but 2N has only tested the settings for AXIS P3301.


2N made two modifications in the firmware 1.15.2 regarding Cisco VSOM:

  1. The settings allow Monitoring and Recording from any 2N® Helios IP Video Intercom to Cisco VSOM.
  2. 2N® Helios IP responds to specific HTTP request with empty 200 OK response. This ensures that Cisco VSOM supposes that HIP behaves like AXIS camera.
  3. 2N® Helios IP does not emulate these cameras and there are no AXIS specific functions available.
  4. 2N® Helios IP is able to send video stream over RTP/UDP protocols.
  5. This function was present in the older firmware. It had been disabled and replaced by sending video over RTP/RTSP/TCP because this method is more suitable for most cases.
  6. This feature can be switched on/off in the firmware 1.15.2 by setting parameter Enable UDP Unicast in Streaming page in Web configuration.

Note: 2N® Helios IP does not implement any specific function of the AXIS cameras e.g.: remote settings of video resolution, bitrate, etc. The parameters cannot be set from VSM but can be set only in the 2N® Helios IP Web configuration.