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  • 2N® Helios IP firmware version
  • Alcatel OXO version


Incoming and outgoing calls, opening the door.

2N® Helios IP configuration

Please set all usual Network settings according to usual practice.

  • In SIP Settings, please set Display name to be identical with line number and please note port 5059 for SIP registration.

How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom – FW version 2.6 and higher

Alcatel OXO configuration

Please note that with Alcatel OXO password needs to have least 8 characters .

  • Please create subscriber on Alcatel OXO - IP terminal, set line Number and optionally Name.

  • By using modify button please set Subscriber type to Basic SIP Phone or Open SIP

  • By using Details button enter further settings of the created user.

  • In IP/SIP settings set either real MAC address or leave there the implicit value. It has no effect on the operation. Also here you can set the password for the user.

  • Further you can change desired parameters in Voice over IP section.

Please note that a license for IP users might be required with Alcatel OXO. With some telephone types please do not forget to allow DTMF sending or type  ## before entering the code for opening of the door.