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  • 2N® Helios IP firmware version
  • Alcatel OXE version 9.1.33


  • Incoming and outgoing call, opening the door

2N® Helios IP Configuration

  • Please set all usual Network settings according to usual practice. Do not use Authorization ID nor fill out any password. For both options described further is the setting of 2N® Helios IP the same.

How to configure 2N® Helios IP intercom – FW version 2.6 and higher

Alcatel OXE configuration - Option 1 - SIP extension

Please mind availability of required licences for this setting.

  • In SIP Proxy setting create a user with desired number. Set type to SIP Extension.

  • Password can be set to any value or does not have to be set at all.

  • In SIP Proxy settings set Minimal authentication method to SIP None.

Alcatel OXE configuration - Option 2 - SIP device

  • Create Trunk group, Type T2 - MINI SIP or SIP

  • Go to SIP Gateway settings

  • SIP Gateway - fill out number of SIP Trunk Group

After this please restart the Alcatel OXE.

  • Make sure that trunk channels are free.

  • SIP Proxy - set minimal authentication method to SIP

  • Create SIP device

Now in both cases 2N® Helios IP is accessible under 300 phone number and it can call any device registered at the Alcatel OXE.

If basic variant of Minimal authentication method was enabled, then please set this option in SIP Proxy settings and properly fill in a password and authorization ID both on user settings in Alcatel OXE as well as in 2N® Helios IP.

With Some telephone types please do not forget to allow DTMF sending, or type ## before entering the code for opening of the door.