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  • in the 2N® IP Handset´s web interface go to the Function Key section, where we select the same-named Function Key tab

  • according to the Key column we select the button we want to use to dial the contact (here usually DSS Key 1; see the second image below), in the Type column we select the Memory Key, in the Name column we can name the contact, then enter the IP address of the called device in the Value column (in our example "") and select Intercom in the Subtype column; we can ignore the "Line" column (as well as the "PickUp Number")

  • finally, save the changes by clicking the Apply button - everything is shown in the image here:



Under the "lock" key (DSS Key 2) you can save the DTMF code that will be sent during the call when the key is pressed
(for example, to open the door, as it is possible in connection with the 2N® IP Intercom - therefore 00 * is already preset here):