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This FAQ summarizes the basic differences between Hardware Version 1 and Hardware Version 2 on of the 2N® Lift1. Differences in firmware are also noted. For a complete description of the parameters, please use refer to the manual: Use the most current version available version of the service tools to configure the 2N® Lift1 unit. The 2N® Service Tool can automatically detect the type of hardware used hardware.


2N® Lift1 - HW version 1 (=< December 2017)2N® Lift1 - HW version 2 (>= December 2017)


Button 2Accessed on the right side (rear-view)
SwitchesThe switch 2 has been removed, only the switch or the blocking module can be used.
Voice Alarm StationPossible to connect on VAS1 or VAS2, when are used numbers from 01X or from 02X are used.

External power source 12V

(external pictograms)

It is used to power external pictograms as well as internal LEDs when a checking call is not proceed checking call underway (LEDs are blinking, new EN81-20 regulation)

Inverting ALARM

and CANCEL inputs

Jumper for inverting for ALARM was removed and new parameter was added :

920 - ALARM input (support autodetection of NC/NO)

916 - CANCEL input.

ALARM 2 input

short/long press

Short (100ms) makes call on numbers stored in 02X.,

Long (3000ms) confirms rescue process (Parameter 966).

Protocol changeCPC antenna/KONE, P100 2N ext: new events - Button stuck, Battery error (with 2N® EasyGate PRO usage).
New parameter

970 - Consumption from on-hook telephone line allowed: 2N® EasyGate PRO (power for LEDs when checking calls was not accepted/proceeded, parameter 987).

811 - Manual checking call activation (07X)

920 - mode for ALARM 1 input, (NC,NO, autodetection)

Renumbering of parameters

971 --> 871 (Count of message repetitions)

972 --> 872 (Message recording)

975 --> 875 (Message options)

976 --> 876 (Call confirmation and call end message language selection)

977 --> 877 (Outgoing call message selection)

915 --> 917 (Hang-up timeout between calls)


Default value change943 --> 1200ms (Max. busy tone period)
Parameter removed964 (Min. time of active CANCEL input)